Perfect Paris Lightroom Presets Collection

Sophie Nadeau

Paris presets: there are the tried and tested 12 different presets I use on a daily basis on my travel photography. Instagram account @sophieannenadeau

Transform your travel photos in just one easy click with our Perfect Paris Presets. You will likely need to make some adjustments after the preset is applied to take in to consideration your own lighting conditions.


✔️ 12 Lightroom Presets for desktop

Tour Eiffel Drama: (For moody shots on a cloudy day, gives photos a colder feel)

Tour Eiffel Drama + Brightness: (for moodier shots that need an extra light boost)

Paris Classic Edit: (My go-to preset that fits many different daytime situations)

Paris Classic Edit + Brightness: (for photos that need an extra brightness boost)

Paris Classic Edit ii: (a small variation on the classic)

Paris Classic Edit Cool: (classic edit but the photo is too yellow- good for indoors)

Paris Classic Edit Warm: (if you want the classic edit but the photo is too blue)

Rainy day in Paris: (Good to use on a cloudy, overcast day)

Seine bright sunset: (for use during golden hour- more yellow/ orange)

Seine soft sunset: (for use during golden hour- more pink/ purple)

Vintage Montmartre Aesthetic: (For a vintage feel)

Wine on the Seine: (Bright and colourful, good for sunset)

Download instructions:

Once you have made your purchase, you will be sent an email with a link to download the presets that you will then have to install into your desktop version of Lightroom.

These presets are designed for Lightroom desktop version MAC/Windows PC, are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos, and cannot be downloaded to mobile devices.

Shoot your images in RAW files so that you can more easily edit your photos during the editing process. Please note that I tend to underexpose my photos to preserve essential details.

As this is a digital product, all sales are final. Local taxes may be added to your purchase, depending on your region, i.e. VAT.

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Perfect Paris Lightroom Presets Collection

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